What other people have said

4“I feel blessed to have had your support through a difficult time in my life ….  You have made a difference in mine and my family’s life”    Female client – Aged 32

“It was really good to let my worries go and my feelings out.  I found this very helpful”    Female client aged 10

“Liz, thank you for the support and talks, hope the future brings you lots of happiness” Male client – Aged 425

“I could show you what I’m capable of doing.  I met a new friend and was free to express myself”  Male client aged 11

“Really enjoyed working with you, valued all your input  Female client – aged 26

“I liked the fact that I could say anything at all” Female client – aged 12

“Liz was very helpful in helping me understand and deal with my personal issues.  She provided a safe, friendly environment which made it easy for me to be truly honest about my troubles.  She helped me find tools to work through my problems and gave me the clarity to work towards my future.
I really valued the work we did together and feel I am now equipped to better understand myself and my relationships with others.”  
Female client – aged 34

“Liz – you were amazing.  Thank you” – Male client – aged 33